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Meeting Rooms in the Old Monastery Ghent

Here in the centre of Ghent we have somewhere special for your meeting or event in Ghent - The Old Monastery Ghent

3 small meeting rooms - Sint Augustinus - Sanctus Erasmus - Sanctus Irenius, two of which can be made together

2 bigger meeting rooms - The house Chapel - Sint Lucas



Meeting rooms in the Ghent River Hotel

 We have 3 meeting rooms with the following capacities:

  • Artevelde room: max 75 pax
  • Panorama roof top room: max 70 pax
  • Anseele room: max 25 pax

Meeting rooms in Hotel De Flandre

We have 2 meeting rooms with the following capacities:

  • Strauss room: max 120 pax
  • Room De Flandre: max 25 pax

Meetingroom in Hotel Tower Aalst

We have 2 meeting rooms with the following capacities:

  • Dirk Martens: max 70 pax
  • Valerius De Saedeleer: max 50 pax

Meeting room in hotel Gravensteen

We have 1 meeting room with the following capacities:

  • Donjon room: max 30 pax